ESAM engineering designs, adapts, modernizes and markets service, maintenance and safety equipment for transport, industry and urban development.

ESAM offers expert support throughout the life of a project, from design to implementation in a constrained environment. It provides a range of solutions for the efficient management of equipment and facilities.

Train washing machine in Clermont
Pantograph test bench for testing cylinder performance


Image représentant les partenaires d'Esam
Image représentant les partenaires d'Esam

We are present throughout France

and also abroad :

Map showing the location of Esam's main sites in France and around the world


Based in Normandy, ESAM was founded in 1994 by Daniel Anne, then an engineer specializing in railway equipment.

Since 2021, taken over by a pool of shareholders keen to perpetuate the business, ESAM has been developing and deploying its activity based on 3 operational divisions: the design office, the projects and worksites division and the maintenance division.

Today, it employs 40 people with complementary skills.

Esam employees working in a tunnel
Line 14 metro washing machine


Quality as a requirement

Our employees are always ready to listen, and are committed to delivering a quality service that meets our customers’ objectives.
We take a proactive, transparent approach to adapting our services to local needs and operating constraints.
Feedback analysis is systematically integrated with a view to progress and improvement.

The loyalty of our customers is our greatest reward, and a testament to the commitment of each and every one of our employees.

Safety is our priority

The safety of people and equipment is our top priority, from design to operation.

All our equipment undergoes a safety review at the design stage and is certified as compliant with applicable regulations.
Our teams are trained in risk analysis and prevention. Before any intervention, a prevention plan is drawn up with the customer.
Our business practices comply with regulations.
We train the users of our equipment and installations, and make sure that the machines we maintain have all safety functions operational.
We ensure traceability of our interventions, recording and analyzing incidents, and implementing corrective actions.

0 rail accidents linked to ESAM projects and activities.


Contributing to a world that respects people and the environment is the foundation of our CSR approach. It is structured around 3 pillars:

Every year, we devote 400 hours to safety training.
We participate in the training of the younger generation by hiring apprentices, and encourage our employees to maintain and develop their skills through training.

We fight against all forms of discrimination based on gender, beliefs, origins or any other physical characteristic.

We sign collective agreements with our employees.

We guarantee sustainable, local (French or European) sourcing of a maximum number of components.

We design energy and water-saving devices and equipment:

For example:
Subway washing by ESAM machine: duration 1min30, consumption 150 liters of water per railcar
Washing a single car at the station: duration 3 min, consumption 200 liters of water
Washing a human in a shower: duration 7 min, water consumption 70 liters

Our subway washing machines are twice as fast as a car wash and 25% more water-efficient.

We recycle our consumables during the construction of our equipment, and during its operation (water recycling). We control the waste produced on our sites and during the life cycle of our installations.

We respect workers’ rights, and ensure that social dialogue is cordial and peaceful. We select suppliers who respect these same principles.

We act ethically and responsibly.

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